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26 Apr 2009


30 Jun 2008

Shaun, do you have any motor sport experience at this moment in time?

10 Jun 2008

Oh ok thanx

10 Jun 2008

Hi Shaun , Get a kart - This is the best way into production car racing. Most of the good production car racers come from karting. Once you win in karts progress to Engen VW Polo Cup and then to Bridgestone Production Cars. Start today at 16 you should be in Polo Cup already. Good Luck and chase your dreams. should already be entering

10 Jun 2008

Hi my name is shaun im 16 and love motor sport, how would i get into production car racing?

10 Jun 2008

25 May 2008

A very entertaining day's racing at Zwartkops - congrats to Fiat for putting on a great show

11 May 2008

At the sharp end, VW Challenge will cost the same or more than Production Cars

09 May 2008

How much does VW Challenge cost ? That sure looks competitive !

08 May 2008

R100k is just not enough to take care of everything for a competitive season and I agree with the previous writer about Superhatch and Silvercup

08 May 2008

I said affordable , not cheap , my point is that if you cannot race with an establishment budget of say R200K and an annual budget of R100K in class C then the class is doomed. The problem is that the options of say 'Superhatch' or 'SliverCup' are not competitive enough.

07 May 2008

How many people can afford the required fireproof overalls and the FIA approved helmet and safety harness, let alone the car before that has to be changed to make it "safe" ? Have you looked at those costs and the cost of a roll cage? I don't think affordability and racing belong in the same sentence!

03 May 2008

The point is affordability. There are many talented racers that do not race , purely because sponsorship is scarce and the more modified the production cars are the higher the costs involved. I feel that keeping the costs down will go a long way to maintaining decent grids.

29 Apr 2008

how many people would race if the cars were standard based cars - like the group n cars were in the past? maybe i could race my company car?

29 Apr 2008

I dont quite agree with the comment on Factory teams in class C, example the Fiat's, even when they didn't have backing from the factory they have always been there for the passion of the sport, even when not winning. Again this year with no support they are there - winning - although not in a position participate in all races serious attempts are made to be on the circuit. What is a real pitty is that there are too many critics and too little support.......

28 Apr 2008

It really is a pity about the Class C cars, that is where some of the best racing was. Real shame!!

21 Apr 2008

I think that Production Cars should be kept more standard. Better suspension and racier exhaust only. Pump fuel and standard tyres. This would be a better brand comparison. Also would keep the costs down and grids full.

21 Apr 2008

This is a big shame.... The private teams are the life of the sport. The factory teams pull out as soon as they don't win.

16 Apr 2008

apparently the controllers are trying to get rid of class c competitors because they dont have the big budgets that the other classes have and because the controllers are only really interested in factory backed teams anyway - what a shame!!

10 Apr 2008

Why no Class C cars at Killarney ? Will there be any class C cars in PE ?

18 Mar 2008

the new cars look great !!!!

14 Mar 2008

He He He........

03 Mar 2008

which vws are you referring to? the modified one?

26 Feb 2008

Hell yes!!!......The vw's smoked you guys!!....Lotsa luv

15 Feb 2008

What's happening with the Fiats this year? and for that matter Class C

11 Feb 2008


14 Jan 2008

Best wishes for all drivers and supporters for 2008 - Theunis Eloff

25 Nov 2007

Congratulations to all newly crowned champions - well done to all the other competitors as well, without competition, there is no worthy champion

22 Nov 2007

Good Luck to everybody for this weekend's finale

13 Nov 2007

dirty cheaty stuff

12 Nov 2007


17 Oct 2007

No, its Yellow.

16 Oct 2007

Is chickenshit clean?

16 Oct 2007

Good luck to all for the EL races, if it is anything like PE it should be clean and spectacular.

08 Oct 2007

Hi, I was wondering if there are going to be any pictures of the PE event?

20 Sep 2007

Thank you...

14 Sep 2007

Congrats to this site on the excellent photos from all of the meetings. I like the way that the collection tells a story of the complete race day.

12 Sep 2007

i am looking forward to my race in p e and now i have even less to lose

10 Sep 2007

now now ---------children , the whole lot of you!

03 Sep 2007

Trevor, you are a gentleman and gives recognition where it's due. You have done a good job! Well done! From my side a big thank you to Kenny, Daniel and Lindsay for their efforts on Friday and Saturday, much appreciated!! Theunis

03 Sep 2007

The congrats need to go to the team. The driver is 10% of the recipe and only needs to finish off what the team has put together. To Linds, ken, Dan, Theunis, Sena and everyone else in the team. Congrats! Great job! Trev

02 Sep 2007

Congrats Trevor, great drive

31 Aug 2007

Good Luck for Zwartkops !

30 Aug 2007

i am looking forward to my race this weekend and have nothing to lose

25 Aug 2007

Well well, my posting on the 30th July proves to be true and correct after all. For drivers to be given 3 race bans, there must have been a demolition job done on the day. I hope Beninca and da Cunha enjoy the holiday. I wonder whether Beninca is going to appeal this decision as well? Surely being banned and then losing the 2 appeals is enough to convince you that you were wrong Mr. Beninca? Where is your sense of sportsmanship?

20 Aug 2007

All the best Hector! Speedy recovery to you! Trev

20 Aug 2007

HECTOR NORTH - one of the founders of the PCA, recipient of Springbok Colours for motor sport, passionate and committed competitor and valued friend - Our very best wishes for a quick recovery and long term good health ~ Lindsay

17 Aug 2007

Good one BMW

14 Aug 2007

Thanks for all the cool pics... They are too cool! Trev

11 Aug 2007

I see the rumours were true after all, nothing like a holiday to regain some composure on the track. Keep up the good work, this is a cool site

01 Aug 2007

My oh my, such impatience with anyone who dares to ask an innocent question. Is the previous person to comment perhaps an OFFICIAL of Production Car racing? Is that why the reply is so dictatorial? Or are they maybe under scrutiny that they don't want to be under, and that generates a terse reply? Or maybe it is too close to the truth for comfort? Or is it that this is a place where open minded people can actually have a say without it being removed from the comments board for "lack of space"? 2 or 3 crashes huh? And the size of the crash and the damage done and the victims that shouldn't be victims Mr "Official"? Why so defensive? Oh yes, by the way what is a demolition deby?? Do you mean demolition derby perhaps? By the way, according to the official timing system, there were 37 competitors, how do you you get 38? Or maybe this is some misinformation being circulated? Anyway all I asked as a fan of Production Car Racing, in the first place, is why it has taken so long to get to this point of punishing somebody (which I commend) for misconduct on the track? Perhaps Lindsay would like to reply to my question in an unofficial capacity? I hope you have a happy day Mr "Official" :-)

31 Jul 2007

What demolition deby?? There were 2 or 3 crashes from 38 competitors over 2 heats. If drivers are found guilty of driving recklessly they must be punished.

30 Jul 2007

Rumour has it that some competitors have been given a bit of time off after Kyalami's demolition show. How come this only happens now?

15 Jul 2007

cool site

11 Jul 2007

I am sure none of the manufacturers would need to cheat in Production Car racing, don't they already control what happens anyway?

11 Jul 2007

Please read the email from Vaughn Williams published on the notice board with regard to the official viewpoint on the stripping of the cars ~ Lindsay

11 Jul 2007

What's with suddenly stripping so many of the competitors' cars ? Do they suspect people are cheating ?

11 Jul 2007

Theunis and Trevor, your new Puntos looked very good, its a pity about the body damage though. Congrats on your respective wins. Hope that you guys have a good run in Cape Town

09 Jul 2007

Well done Stevie!!!! Knew you could do it, you kicked butt.

08 Jul 2007

Some good racing and more people at Kyalami than I have seen for quite a long time. Thanks to the supporters, spectators and competitors.

14 Jun 2007

Thanks to the supporters too

08 Jun 2007

Everybody thanks the teams, what about the supporters?

06 Jun 2007

Thanks to Linds and the entire Team! Fantastic group effort well rewarded.

06 Jun 2007

Good to see you on the track again Stevie, pity about the mechanical problems. Next time you will kick butt!

06 Jun 2007

Awesome win Trevor, new car and new track. The car looks good.

07 May 2007

the fiat looks awesome well done to the team

12 Apr 2007

unbiased adj. Without bias or prejudice; impartial. Synonym - fair

12 Apr 2007


07 Apr 2007

Apart from all comments in the previous posting, this site is just streets ahead in professionalism, creativity and visual appeal. All of those little tyres down the side of the propaganda site, man, that is just so "fur on the dashboard" and plainly uncreative it just doesnt matter

07 Apr 2007

mmmm yeah - well I prefer the "people" approach on this site and the fact that it is unbiased and doesn't try to feed you propaganda - at least here there is a broadbased perspective and the fact that production car racing is about people and includes classes b and c is evident to everybody

05 Apr 2007

Check out http://www.productioncars.co.za/

03 Apr 2007

There are two sites ?

14 Mar 2007

How come there are 2 sites for Production Cars?

01 Mar 2007

What are the driver changes for this year, saw some in Durban but would like to know the rest?

21 Feb 2007

Good luck to the guys who are racing in Durban this weekend.

25 Jan 2007

Thanks for the Kyalami entry form

12 Jan 2007

That is a very interesting question and I am sure that are a lot of us sports enthusiasts that would like to know the answer to it.

12 Jan 2007

So what' the news on driver line-ups for 2007....

09 Jan 2007

informative site, thank you

02 Jan 2007

Happy New Year to everybody. May it be successful and competitive for all ~ Lindsay

20 Dec 2006

Wishing all involved with Production Cars a very Merry Christmas and an awesome 2007!!! If you are driving, have a safe journey and see ya all track side.

15 Dec 2006

Actions speak louder than words - and are just as apt to be misquoted or misinterpreted. How true these words are!!!!!

06 Dec 2006

Great site, and long overdue; lets hope this sets a trend in terms of a more professional representation of South African Motorsport.

02 Dec 2006

The photographs on this site are cool. They show the people behind the visor and for a change, this site seems to be about the people in the sport and not just the cars. There are lots of boring "action" pics of the cars on the other photograph orientated sites.

01 Dec 2006

Photographs are ok but where are the real action shots, like the cars that were damaged or pics of the champions and shots from a different angle would also be nice. There seems to be a lot of repetition.

27 Nov 2006

Congrats to all the 2006 champions - you have done the sport proud this year!!! We can look forward to an excellent racing 2007 season, if this year's season is anything to go on!!

27 Nov 2006

Geluk Danie! Jy het soos n Champ gery hierdie jaar! Trev

27 Nov 2006

<Tidez> I tell u wot <Tidez> SA needs some decent websites <Tidez> on the whole, most websites in sa r pretty kak <Tidez> its ones like that which stand out (about: www.procars.co.za) Gr8 site - gr8 pics - u guys ROARRR :)

26 Nov 2006

Congratulations to our newly crowned Class A and National Drivers Champion, Leeroy Poulter. This has been a fantastic season and a hard fought victory against the finest of opponents. You are a great asset to South African Motorsport and a worthy champion for all young and aspiring competitors to use as a role model. It has been a pleasure to have been associated with you through the years in this wonderful sport of Motor Racing. Well done Leeroy, we are proud to witness you reach the pinnacle of the sport as a member of the PCA. ~ Lindsay

26 Nov 2006

Veels Geluk, Danie van Niekerk met jou oorwinning in die Car Magazine “Rookie of the Year” kompetisie. Goed gedaan ons in PCA is baie trots op jou en wens jou baie voorspoed in 2007. ~ Lindsay

26 Nov 2006

Congratulations to Clint Weston who is the Class T champion for 2006. Well done on completing the wrapping up of the Championship on Friday during the qualifying sessions with some races still in hand. Your competitiveness and fine driving skills are a great tribute to our sport. ~ Lindsay

23 Nov 2006

Impressive Photographs!

17 Nov 2006

Hey Dave, saw your new set of wheels on the TV last nite.... Shaweet! Class T is the place to be it seems...? Class B dead?

16 Nov 2006

There is a great deal of speculation surrounding the second tour and virtually no clarity. As soon as there are confirmed facts, I will circulate the information to the competitors. ~ Lindsay

16 Nov 2006

Does anyone know what's happening with the second tour ?

13 Nov 2006

Well done to you Dave in wrapping up the Class B championship with so many rounds still to go when you did it. You have had an awesome season and have proven again what a fine champion you really are. Congrats on your win and I hope that 2007 brings you the same success again. The PCA is proud of you and your highly professional team, which always sets a very high standard and consistently delivers a top class achievement. ~ Lindsay

13 Nov 2006

Well done Dave! You smoked them all so early in the season it nearly went without notice! Fantastic and well done! Trev

10 Nov 2006

Most definitely, congrats Dave.

10 Nov 2006

Congratulations also need to go to Dave Compton on his excellent win as well. Well done Dave.

09 Nov 2006

Eish but you okes are cruel... Watch those Veedubs come flying for us at Kyalami! :) Trev

09 Nov 2006

Forza Fiat!!!

To all our VW competitors with love....... Abarth racing team.


09 Nov 2006

I have been informed by Robi Beninca that the strip on his car will take place at 16h00 on Monday afternoon (13th) at his workshop in Kew. Robi has asked me to extend an invitation to all Class C competitors to attend personally to witness the outcome of the strip. ~ Lindsay

07 Nov 2006

If you surround yourself with the right people then nothing can stop you! All thanks to the Team and the Sponsors! Special thanks to Theunis and Lindsay, its our victory! Forza Fiat! Trev

06 Nov 2006


06 Nov 2006

Congratulations on winning the Class C and Junior Production Car Championships Trevor! You are a worthy and deserving champion. Your effort, dedication and sportsmanship are inspirational and a great example to any aspiring competitor. May your racing career go from strength to strength and bring you much joy and success. The PCA is proud to have you as a member ~ Lindsay

06 Nov 2006


05 Nov 2006

Congratulations Trevor !!!

31 Oct 2006

Do you think that the Golfs in Classes T and C are going to win in Cape Town?

24 Oct 2006

Well done to all that contributed towards an excellent website. This initiative was much needed and proves that the passion for the sport still prevails. Good job!! Theunis

21 Oct 2006

People, fantastic website! Thank you for the effort! This section however is not as pleasant to read. Arguments between marshall and competitor is not on in my books. The Circuit owners need to handle the complaints I think. anyhat, I say thank to all the marshalls for a fantastic years work and to all the drivers for a fantastic years racing. I myself am usually the poor guy at the back of class C without any lights to watch but the race is a much bigger picture than the start alone. Thanks to everyone from me! Trev

17 Oct 2006

Folks, I think this situation has gone on for long enough now and I appeal to everybody to refrain from being personal. Clearly there are some problems which need to be sorted out and I therefore will take this up with the relevant people. Thank you to all for your previous input. Can we please move forward to other topics of common interest and benefit to all. ~ Lindsay

16 Oct 2006

Hey... what's wrong with you lot? Can't you see that it couldn't be the responsibility of the marshal to try to ensure that there are enough grid slots so that they can do their job better? Its not the marshals job to take responsibility they just do their jobs - whatever that might be - something like wave a blue flag at the two cars involved in a race for 1st place?

16 Oct 2006

Why won't you answer the question as to who makes the decision to line the cars up alongside each other? Is it the marshals or the clerk of the course?

16 Oct 2006

Since when is it the responsibility of the marshal to ensure that there are enough grid slots painted on the track, i thought that was the circuit owners responsibility, or perhaps I am being small minded and thick again. Perhaps if you qualified futher up the grid there might be a grid slot for you.

12 Oct 2006

Why don't the marshals ensure that there are enough grid slots so that they can "just do their job"? Or would that be small minded? What is wrong with the marshals "just doing their job" and placing a competitor in the position that he has qualified for and which is on a sheet signed by the clerk of the course? AND why don't you answer the question about whether lining the competitors up abreast is at the clerk of the course's instruction or not? Or would that be the cardinal sin and an admission that sometimes the marshals DON'T "just do their job"?

12 Oct 2006

If there were enough grid slots you would be placed in them. Where do you want the marshals to place you??

11 Oct 2006

The last posting asks "whose fault?". Will the genius that posted that please explain whose fault it is that the poor guys at the tail end of Class C get lined up alongside each other by the MARSHALS instead of in the grid slots for which they qualified? Is this lining up abreast process at the instruction of the Clerk Of the Course or are the marshals acting on their own discretion? What is the point of these competitors going out there and posting a qualifying time if they are just going to be lined up alongside each other anyway? They may as well take a lottery ticket for their position and not risk anything by qualifying!!!

10 Oct 2006

We are not small minded but we get told what to do but the Clerk of the Course. You need to take this up with them at the Driver's Briefing if you are not happy with the way we marshal. If we don't put you in the correct positons on the grid and a penalty is imposed, whose fault will it be then - you guessed it the marshals and not yours.

10 Oct 2006

These comments are so typical of small minded people who always hide behind "I'm just doing my job" excuses.

09 Oct 2006

We know we are not the be all and end all, but form part of the smooth running of the day. The driver's people skills also leave a lot to be desired. It is not the fault of the marshal that they have had an accident on the particular corner, but the driver feels that the marshal is there to be sworn at, even taken a swing at and to be blamed for the incident. The driver than says that is was the adrenalin. Come on guys we are all in this together and need to work together - neither one of us are better than the other.

08 Oct 2006

I, as a grid marshal at Kyalami, take exception to the first posting regarding placing the drivers in grid positions. The fact that the secondary lights don't work has nothing to do with us but the circuit owners. We are told by the Clerk of the Course where the drivers must be in the blocks on the starting grid. Please take these comments to Lindsay so that he might able to sort out this problem. We are only doing our job. I understand the frustration of children being used at Port Elizabeth, but once again has nothing to do with the marshals but the circuit owner.

07 Oct 2006

I agree with the previous posting. Some of the marshals seem to be more like groupies that are trying to get a free entry ticket than to be part of the efficient running of the day. Port Elizabeth is the worst where you have children running the pit lane and giving instructions to everybody. Who do these people think they are and why does the circuit owner use children to do the job? Is he exploiting these children and trying to save himself money by employing unqualified people?

07 Oct 2006

The marshals are often short of knowledge and experience when it comes to handling problems on circuits and their people skills leave much to be desired. Frequently they are officious and make nasty remarks. They should understand that they are purely a part of the day and not the be all and end all. Some of the grid marshals at Kyalami have no clue of what it is like to be on the grid and not be able to see the starting lights. Inevitably the secondary lights don't work and they still want you to park inside the grid box unable to see the starting lights and they wonder why they are "used and abused" .... that's just plain thick

02 Oct 2006

It's nice to know that the marshals are appreciated. We are normally taken for granted, used and abused.

29 Sep 2006

Thanks Lindsay for the kind comments regarding the marshals we appreciate it.

28 Sep 2006

Thanks for the comment. I sincerely hope that the marshals numbers will increase and may I once again pay tribute to all the people who so willingly perform this vital task for our competitors. We appreciate this greatly..... Lindsay

28 Sep 2006

Ah the master of the English language responds. Perhaps he, or is it she, should take heed of the wisdom of Abraham Lincoln who said "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt"

28 Sep 2006

Thanks for the link to the Kyalami Marshals Association website, maybe this will help to boost our numbers.

28 Sep 2006

It is not a grudge, I don't even know the man. What I read was a sarcastic reply. If I am incorrect then I apologise but I was stating my opinion and surely I am entitled to that.

26 Sep 2006

Well Well, it seems there are visitors to this web site who struggle with the English language and the real meaning of sarcasm. I wonder if this is a personal attack on Lindsay by somebody with a grudge, best they learn to speak English first I think. I agree with the previous posting; he is recognising that it is a good idea and suggesting creating a list of people who would like to participate.

26 Sep 2006

He is not sarcastic, he is saying it's a good idea and that he's thought about it himself.....

26 Sep 2006

Why such a sarcastic reply from Lindsay (the chairman), surely people are entitled to their opinions and suggestions??

25 Sep 2006

Why such a sarcastic reply from the chairman of this association?

12 Sep 2006

Thanks for your comment ...... You must be telepathic or psychic .... this is a concept that I have been formulating for a while now. How about sending me your contact details at lindsay@procars.co.za so that I can put your name at the top of the list of candidates to participate? ..... Lindsay

11 Sep 2006

Great website !!!!! How about considering a "Taxi Race"?

01 Sep 2006

Why don't you put up a discussion forum?

01 Sep 2006

Your site is brilliant so far .... I really like the subtle humour and the graphics are superb .... Well Done on something unique and very different from all the other run of the mill, boring, same old same old stuff that the fuddy duddy administrators in motorsport dish up. Bring on the change of perspective and lets see the real people in racing and expose the impostors and sacred cows for a change

31 Aug 2006

Not a bad site, just a little hard to read. The writing is small and not bright enough. The site is very much like the Pro Racing Site with a little more information. Keep up the good work.




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